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"Tom Jones makes convincing leap to stage"
—Chicago Tribune

Photo from Tom Jones
Evan Voboril as Mr. Partridge, Marcus Davis as Tom Jones and Pat Parks as the Landlady. Photo by Emily Granata

"Three Stars" Chicago Tribune

"A gallery of jolly if rough-hewn rogues, wenches and aristocrats comes to roaring life in Henry Fielding's 1749 comic picaresque about a foundling who goes through hardships ranging from muggings to accidental seductions and ends up with true romance and riches... sly touches and grounded performances create a show that satisfies...

"Tom (Marcus Davis) has been raised since his questionable birth by the good Squire Allworthy (Richard Engling), whose kindnesses spark envy in the squire's nephew, Mr. Blifil (Jonathan Beal). Cast out on the road after Blifil poisons the good squire against him, Tom embarks on adventures, sword fights and plenty of trysts with well-endowed ladies — but somehow he manages to hang on to his essentially good nature and his love for virginal Sophia Western (Alex Fisher)...

"...the 17-member ensemble works well at filling the small theater with exuberant life and saucy energy...Davis' choirboy features make for a wholly believable Tom, Beal's Blifil oozes slimy self-interest and the whole endeavor is so high-spirited and eager to please that, like Tom himself, its rough surroundings can't hide its good heart."
Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
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"Highly Recommended!"

"full of wit...Marcus Davis and Alex Fisher are fresh-faced and likable"
Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader
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"Four Stars"

"This Midwest premiere of David Hammond's deft adaptation is everything you'd want it to be: clever, spirited, funny, literate, insightful, physical, and teeming with engaging characters engagingly played...Marcus Davis embodies the more-sinned-against-than-sinning Jones (reminding me of the naively sexy Hugh Grant at his best)...So, too, Alex Fisher makes us love Sophia Western...And I walked away smiling over the spirited performances of Kim Boler (Squire Western's sister) and Charley Jordan (Western)..."
Lori Davis, Chicago Stage Style
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"Three Stars"

"On the stage it’s a breathless whirlwind of scandal, love, treachery, lust, and revenge, with hardly a moment’s pause...You’ll especially enjoy this play if you’re a fan of Dickens, Shakespeare or Fielding."
—J.H. Palmer, Chicago Theater Beat
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