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The Rivals
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
April 10 - May 17, 2009
Jonas Grey Jamie Bragg
       Jonas Grey          Jamie Bragg
            Sly             Waitress/Servant
The Rivals

Corsets and pistols and swords, oh my!

Polarity Ensemble Theatre presented Richard Brinsley Sheridan's classic play THE RIVALS. Written by Sheridan at the age of 24, THE RIVALS satirizes the trappings of marriage and wealth and is filled with mistaken identity, quarrels, duels and misconstrued circumstances. Now considered to be one of Sheridan's masterpieces, the play introduced the character of Mrs. Malaprop, a woman who proudly misuses complex vocabulary to comic effect. This character is credited as the source of the term “malapropism.”

"Sheridan wrote THE RIVALS to poke fun at the ridiculous behavior that existed among the middle and upper classes in 18th century British society," says Director Laura Sturm. "I wanted to do the show because it is brilliantly funny and full of timeless human foibles. Also, I believe laughing is the best medicine for tough times."

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Ticket Info

THE RIVALS ran at Polarity's new space in the Josephinum Academy, 1500 N. Bell, Chicago from April 10 to May 17, 2009 with $10 preview performances on April 10, 11 and 13 at 7:30pm. Opening night April 14 at 7:30pm.

Production Staff
Laura Sturm, Director
Lauren Cerkiewicz, Assistant Director
Elayne LeTraunik, Production Manager
Beth Bruins, Stage Manager
Amanda Conversino, Assistant Stage Manager
Ricky Lurie, Costume Designer
Alexis Vejar, Set Designer
Pamela Maurer, Charge Scenic Artist
Gary Echelmeyer, Lighting Designer
Gabriel Richardson, Technical Designer
Jeff Harris, Props & Weapons
Heath Hays, Sound Designer
Ann Keen, Dialect Coach
Abigail Trabue, Choreographer
Mason Hill, Fight Director
Jason Epperson, Graphics Design
Ann Keen, Managing Director
Richard Engling, Artistic Director

Polarity Ensemble Theatre is a member of the League of Chicago Theatres.

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